17 08 2007

Packing up. It’s going to be a massive undertaking, but we’re uprooting the fam for bigger – well, better – things. Malachi is almost two now, and it’s high time he has a room of his own.

My mom taught me to accept that fact that life is full of change. There are periods of time that seem to stay the same, but change always comes, often in droves.

Coworkers are joining the team, moving on, promoting, getting married, and getting divorced; they are trading cubicles, getting haircuts, and having gastric bypass surgery. Family members are buying homes, having babies, and losing parents. Neighbors are moving out; new ones are moving in. And my kids (and Stephanie’s, for Heaven’s sake) are growing up way too fast.

We will miss this place. It is where Malachi came home from the hospital. It is where we’ve spent the past four Christmases.   We’ve burned a hundred fires in the fireplace, thrown at least a dozen parties, and built a model of the Mission Carmel.


Alas, time to dig up my bulbs, transfer the services, and say goodbye.

It’ll be an adjustment! But we are ready for this change.




4 responses

21 08 2007

Wish I could help out! Well written my friend.

21 08 2007

I can’t believe Malachi is almost two! That is wild.
The kids are growing all to fast~

23 08 2007

Hey Cuz :)!
Glad to see you on here 🙂
love to see pics of the new place, sounds like it will be better.
How, btw, did you get that picture to align in the middle of your text? I can only get them to go at the top and it drives me crazy!
love you!

23 08 2007

Hi Em! When I first plugged in the photo, it was at the top. I just dragged/dropped it down further into the text… Does that make sense?
Love ya.

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