21 08 2007

I pretty much grew up always having a family dog. There are many benefits to welcoming a canine family member, especially if you have kids. Choosing the right breed can be tricky…

When the time eventually comes for my family to get a dog (and it will), this is the one I want. I met a couple of McNabs on our last camping trip. They were beautiful and so gentle with Malachi as he played frisbee fetch with them… They simply stole my heart.

 What is your ideal dog breed and why?




3 responses

21 08 2007
Dan Ray

“brains not beauty” – love it.

I was going to say weimeraner, which apparently are supposed to be the most well-tempered if properly trained. I like this mcnabb you speak of though…

21 08 2007

We used to have a weimeraner! Her name was Heidi. I think a weimeraner / chocolate lab cross is actually my second choice.

24 08 2007

I remember Heidi. She always seemed old to me.

I have always been a german shepherd guy, but I think I kind of want a pug too, because they look funny.

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