5 09 2007

Well, we did it! Out of the old and into the new… actually the new is old, older than the old… And as for “bigger and better” things, the better is actually smaller.

But anyway, it was a nightmare of a move. I expected it to be a ton of work, yet I was floored at the toll of energy and time it took to accomplish. We are so grateful to our parents, brothers, and friends for their cheerful contributions of muscles and minutes. THANK YOU.

The new home is a charmer; we like it so far and feel blessed. I wish I had a photo to post here, but it’ll have to come later. Unpacking and setting up will take another outpouring of energy and time, but at least we can pace ourselves!

As for my “challenge,” I haven’t fully unpacked the kitchen yet, so it’s been pretty easy to keep dirty dishes from piling up! I’m saving the kitchen for my mom-in-law, who is thrilled to have been delegated the job. She’s a talented organizer (and I’m not), so I am interested to see how she sets it all up.

I’m back at work now, feeling the pangs of a full weekend. My legs are sore, my fingertips are roughed-up and sensitive, and my sinuses are just barely recovering from all the dust we stirred up. I’ve never sneezed so much in my life. Thank the Good Lord, it’s a short week.




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18 09 2007

That sounds fun, to be in a new place! Glad you are in and enjoying it. I had my friend help me organize my kitchen in a move, and it was amazing what she thought of! Some people are just naturally gifted at it and love it too.

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