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10 09 2007

I get to be a real scientist this week!


I’ve been assigned to the Lake Davis Project in Portola. In case you are not familiar with the situation, Lake Davis is suffering from the introduction of the infamous, non-native Northern Pike. These monstrous fish have decimated the native trout and severely damaged the lake’s ecosystem and recreational value. The California Department of Fish and Game is taking a second stab (today) at eradicating the Pike from Lake Davis by poisoning them with rotenone. Click here for more details…

I will be on a water/wildlife monitoring team, taking samples for the labs that will hopefully tell us that the rotenone is dissipating as it should.

I’m pretty excited to be part of this monumental project! God willing, we will be successful this time in killing off all of the Northern Pike and bringing Lake Davis back to its natural state of… nature.

So, please pray for me! (I always have a hard time being away from my fam for more than a day, so I’ll need your support.)


Pray that I remember to bring my Claritin.

Pray that I stay dry.

Pray that I don’t get shot by a protester.

Pray that somebody feeds my husband and kids. And…

Pray that this project is successful. It really would be a good thing for a lot of people!

I’ll fill you in on the experience (and the title of this post) when I get home.




One response

14 09 2007

Lifting you up.
Did it work? 😉

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