Paco’s Palace II

15 09 2007

Thanks to those who took me up on my prayer requests, I’m home!

I didn’t even NEED my Claritin. My feet got a little bit wet, but no biggie. Although there was rumor of a small group opposing our project, warden security was awesome; I didn’t hear of any problems with protesters at all. My family was still alive when I got home, which means they ate. Woohoo!

We won’t know whether this project is a success or failure until ALL the work is done, so that one’s a long-term prayer. This past week, sprayers were poisoning the upper tributaries. I found several dead pike, as I traversed the territory, so that’s a good sign.

Northern Pike

Normally, I’d find it hard to see dead wildlife as a GOOD thing, but in this case, it is.

I have been asked if I’m available to return to Lake Davis in a couple of weeks; that’s when they are going to begin treating the resevoir (and the BIG ONES will turn up!). Of course, I’m willing to go. But not for more than 3 days. I’m such a wimp.

So, for those of you who are interested, here’s my LIVE wildlife sighting list:

A fox (right outside the house I was staying in)

The biggest spider I’ve ever seen in nature (also right outside the house, on a huge web stretching from the garage to a large tree)

A crawdad (completely unaffected by the poison in the tributary, as expected)

A garter snake (too fast for me to catch)

Cattle (Have you ever been alone in a field of cattle? They are pretty intimidating! I was trying to get a water sample just downstream of this herd, when a large, black cow started coming toward me. She was just walking, mooing loudly, and staring at me. I kept moving away. She kept coming and mooing. I got to my car, called my partner, and he laughed at me. Later, I went back to get that sample, and the whole herd had moved on past my sample site. Whew!)

Numerous deer (thank God the speed limits are so low in this area! Actually, one of my friends/coworkers hit a buck head-on but fortunately wasn’t hurt. The buck wasn’t as lucky.)

Numerous chipmunks and squirrels

Numerous shorebirds (too far away for me to ID without binoculars, save the white pelican)


Large mammal tracks (probably a bear, right along the trail I was hiking. I decided to head back to the car, rather than chance upon meeting whomever they belonged to!)

All in all, I really enjoyed the field work. Looking forward to continued involvement and hopeful that all this effort pays off!

Oh yeah, Paco’s Palace… My buddy Megan has been spending a lot of time on the Lake Davis project. I’d asked her about getting together for lunch recently, and she told me that unfortunately she’d be in the Depths of Hell that day. I thought the Depths of Hell was a little bit harsh, so she came back with Pike Palace (or something like that). The name then went through a series of revisions, finally ending with Paco’s Pike Palace. Megan is silly like me. Love her.




One response

18 09 2007

~sounds like a neat experience! You got to see a lot of wildlife. Cattle are intimidating, they seem very territorial when you get into their field!
Glad you are back safe.

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