A Dying Breed

20 10 2007

garage sale sign


Are garage sales becoming a thing of the past?


Today, I participated in a multiple-family, newspaper-advertised, garage sale. I earned a whopping $15. My brother made $3. I think my parents made the most – maybe $30, tops.


It was also strange to me that at least 80% of the customers who drove up were men. There were even a couple of them that brought a female who stayed in the car… I don’t get it. Most of the times I’ve been garage sale shopping, it’s been a group of girls/women.




We were advised by several of our customers that we could make a lot more money by taking our quality used things to a consignment store (especially the baby clothes and toys). Others suggested craigslist and ebay. Many of the items I’d brought for sale were actually things I HAD set aside to list on ebay but haven’t found time to. I know certain items can sell for more in an auction format than they do in a driveway.


But I’m wondering now whether online services are making the garage sale obsolete. If so, I think this is sad. Shopping online is so totally not the same as garage sale shopping.  And I just don’t see the two successfully coexisting.


I mean, $15???

Part of the problem could very well have been that our wonderful local newspaper misprinted the address… but I made a big huge sign!


Maybe we’ll have better luck tomorrow.

If anyone out there has some suggestions to increase sales, please, do share.




One response

21 10 2007

Well, the second day (today) I made $40. Not bad. And I did get some good advice for next time from some friends last night… I am willing to share with anyone interested.

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