sorry for the lag

12 11 2007

If anyone is still checking in…


I’ve been in “I.D. theft – single mom – oil spill response” mode lately! Not much time to think of things to blog about, but I’ll have lots of ideas when things cool down.

I took some time off last week to catch up on my follow-up from the I.D. theft. I cannot believe how this experience has affected so many parts of my life. It’s a real drag. Protect yourself out there…

Then, my husband Ry headed out to the delta for a movie shoot. He will be gone for 3 WEEKS! I hope he can handle it. I know he’ll do a great job, but I bet missing the kids will be tough. I suppose he’ll miss me, too…!

For those of you who live no where near San Francisco, you may not know that there is a medium-sized oil spill response in progress. This incident has had greater than medium-sized impacts to wildlife and the environment because of its location. I was dispatched today to work at the International Bird Rescue and Rehabilitation Center (on a state holiday – can you say double pay?). Who knows where I’ll be dispatched to tomorrow?!

Kids are at my parents’ house, and I have the house to myself until Thursday, which is weird. Nice in a way, but weird.

Anyway, I’m a busier bee than normal right now, but I am trying to keep up with the blogs over there on the right… You should, too. They’re good.

Stay tuned for more interesting stuff (like my NEW position at work)!




2 responses

13 11 2007

just wanted you to know i was still checking in. thanks for the update. wondered if you were in the bay when i heard about the spill. praying ya through the next few weeks…

17 11 2007

my friends little 2 year old just went through her identity getting stolen. That stinks, I am sorry that happened to you!
good luck with the single mom thing, I can totally relate!

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