First haircut

18 11 2007

My son has never had a haircut.  Not even a trim.  He is 25 months old.

I know this isn’t newsworthy or unique, but we have gotten to the point to where we are afraid to cut it!  He will look so different.  He will also probably lose his lovely curls.


The problem is that it hurts to get the snarls out, and people are more frequently referring to him as a her.  I don’t like that.

So, I’m putting it in writing that I am going to go ahead with the first haircut the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Yes, I am going to do it!  Saturday.  Yes, Saturday, the 24th.

Any words of advice or pep talks are openly welcome…




11 responses

18 11 2007

I say don’t give him a full on hair cut. Cut a good two inches. Maybe do it an inch at a time. that way you can go as far as you want without feeling like you made a big mistake.

18 11 2007

his curls are so cute!!!

I am sure it’s hard to cut those curls. Aiden has some curls that we’ve not cut yet either, but they are not that long!

Post an after picture so we can see.

18 11 2007

that was me not brody!

18 11 2007
Nik Nelson

Mal will always be way cute. Don’t be afraid to cut his hair, he is way tough no matter what. Besides, I’m his uncle, so he is cool by association. Jk. But I agree with Brody, put up an after picture. Love ya.

19 11 2007

I had the same difficult time cutting Gareth’s hair! I love his hair; it doesn’t quite have the curl of Malachi, but it does have a bit. I still have a hard time when he gets his hair cut, and he’s three and a half. I have also had strangers refer to him as a girl, but most don’t pay any attention because if they did they would notice that he was obviously wearing boy clothes. Anyway, I’d do like your mom suggested, don’t cut it super short, but beware of the mullet. I get people telling me all the time that Gareth has a mullet because I keep the back a little longer. I’ll email you a picture of Gareth’s typicaly hair cut…

19 11 2007
Michelle P

Yikes I am no help at all. I don’t know what I would do. I can say that people have called Sienna a boy when she has been dressed in all pink, so you can’t really take that to heart. People are just strange. Try what your mom said and cut a little off and see how you feel. Personally our boy would be rocking a mo hawk, but that’s just how we roll 🙂 Do what you feel is best. He is your cute baby no matter what his hair looks like!

19 11 2007

I’m not afraid of him not being cute anymore… I don’t know what I’m afraid of!

But, contrary to advice here, I’d planned to pull back his curly ponytail and chop it off to keep! Then, I’ll wing it from there. I’ll definitely beware of the mullet; we do not want that. We’re not afraid of a mohawk, either! Hmmm. This might actually be FUN.

19 11 2007

Make peace with the loss of locks! Johanna hasn’t had her beautiful curls since we cut her hair at around 3 1/2, but now that she’s 8 I have wonderful memories of my curly haired baby girl! I say Rock the Hawk! When else in his life is it going to be ok to have one? Certainly not when he’s out trying to get a job working for the MAN! j/k 🙂 love to you all! Do post a new pic! xoxo

19 11 2007

I say go for it. Just remember that it will grow back. I wouldn’t recommend going as short as mine(bald) it is too cold. 🙂

21 11 2007
Aunt Grace

Here is one thought about “biblical” hair…Sampson’s parents did not cut Sampson’s hair because God told them not to. They were good & obedient parents in that regard, but as you know, because of those locks (and some serious integrity issues), it didn’t fair too well for him. If no command has come down from the Lord specifically about his hair, it might be a compelling reason TO cut little Malachi’s hair=)

On the other hand, I think freedom is an amazing gift that God has given you concerning your son’s hair. To cut or not to cut, that is the question. No wrong answer here, but culturally, it may give the kid a strange confusion about his maleness if people keep calling him a girl. On the other hand (again), ever heard the song by Johnny Cash, “A Boy Named Sue”? Hmmm.

On a personal note, a mohawk on a little boy scares the living bajeebee’s out of me. I even saw a little one (not more than 3) with several earrings and a nose ring to complete the “look”. How far is too far?

21 11 2007

Thanks for the biblical perspective, Aunt Grace! You are right about the freedom – that is a good thing to remember. No worries, we are not in discussions about any piercings whatsoever! Love ya!

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