Pocket Prizes

2 12 2007

Years ago, my mom bought this very cute advent calendar for my daughter.  Twenty-four pockets, “each one filled with little surprises!”  (I love you if you know where that quote comes from.)

advent calendar

Since then, the advent calendar has been a tradition for her.  I’ve taken over the job of filling it up, but I rather enjoy it.  And so does Ryvre.  This year, Malachi is part of the deal, so I had the challenge of stuffing TWO small treats into each day!

When I mentioned to someone the other day that I’d done my advent shopping and was planning to fill the calendar that night, he commented on how we do so much meaningless work in our lifetime.  I understood what he meant.  It can easily seem meaningless to us, as adults.  Like a waste of money and time.  Frivolous tiny toys that end up under the couch, thrown off the deck, and eventually in the garbage.  Yes.   But I responded in defense; when I see the excitement of my kids each morning when they remember that they get to discover the contents of another pocket, it’s so worth it.

I think I spent about $17 on doo-dads, and I still have half of it left!  Not a big annual investment for the childhood memories my kids will probably cherish for their lifetimes…  And the “leftovers” will be great to use for birthday goodie bags later on.
I think pocket prizes are a nice way to anticipate Christmas and remind us to recognize the holiday for what it truly stands for…  You can even choose to use trinkets that represent Christ’s birth!

Does your family use an advent calendar?  or did you have one as a kid?




One response

7 12 2007

You don’t love me? I guessed it was from 3 amigos since it’s your favorite, but having NEVER seen it (beyond the clip of all 3 of them gyrating) I wasn’t sure. So I googled it and your blog came up on the first page! 🙂
Yes we have an advent (didn’t as kids – unless it was a chocolate filled cardbard santa Dad sent us). Our’s is a mini tree with an ornament that you get to put on it each day. One girl gets to put on the ornament and the other gets to turn the music box so that the tree spins and plays “we wish you a merry Christmas!” I just made an advent wreath with 4 candles to light each sunday before Christmas…I’m a little behind! Miss you!

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