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6 02 2008

Facts About Uganda
– 97% of households use firewood

– 92% do not have electricity

– 48% of households have a radio

– 49% rely on word of mouth as main source of information

– 17% have no access to toilet facilities

– 56% are children below 18 years

– 12% live in urban areas

– Gender ratio is 95 males to 100 females

– Average household size is 4.7 persons

– One in every 25 persons has a disability

– Literacy rate 68%

– 61% have access to safe drinking water

– 77% engage in agriculture

– 1.8 million orphans have lost at least one parent

– 75% use kerosene candles (tadooba) as main source of light

– 4.5% have a TV set

– 77.4% still live on rammed earth floors though a majority have iron roofs





2 responses

6 02 2008

Those are such staggering stats, aren’t they? Thanks for posting this and getting the word out, Annie!

25 12 2008

Awesome stuff! My wife and I live in Uganda helping orphans. We work for a Christian Orphan Program called Feed His Lambs here in Uganda. I’m happy to see what your doing! Keep up the good work! You can check out our blog at:

Stop by and post a comment or two.

Mukama Ye Ba Zibwe!

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