update on the “storm”

12 02 2008

First of all, if you’ve been praying for my family, THANK YOU. And please, don’t stop yet!

Dea – got a less than terrible prognosis on her Lymphoma. It’s a rare type that is localized and treatable (although not curable). She’ll be starting radiation treatment soon. She looks more beautiful every time I see her.

Ryan – still in the hospital, scheduled for a gastric scope tomorrow, happily received a morphine patch today, and tried eating solid food – unsuccessfully.

Becky – staph infection has not responded to two different antibiotics, may end up in the hospital again tomorrow for further testing, remains in good spirits.

Lindsey – felt good enough to visit Ry with me and even go to Safeway today, where I witnessed the sciatica she’s experiencing. It brings her to the floor! Thank God she is due to have this baby in just a week. Oh, and I’m still not done with the afghan, but I’m CLOSE!

Just wanted to give public thanks and recognition to the wonderful people who have been helping me out with the kids during this time. Doc, Charlotte, Matthew, Dea, Debbie, Mom, and Dad – THANK YOU. Believe it or not, I’ve only had to take one day of “family sick leave” so far.

God is good.




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