Ryan update

13 02 2008

The kids and I (and my mom) visited him tonight, and it seems he is getting better.  He was able to eat some solid food today without puking, which is a big deal.  They scoped his stomach, which he hated, and found nothing abnormal.  Tomorrow, they are doing one more test.  Maybe this time, they’ll find something – we can only hope.  If not, I predict Ry will  be discharged no later than Friday sans diagnosis.

On a side note, Becky was back in the ER for the 3rd time tonight.  Her staph infection seems to be continuing to grow.  They might finally admit her…

Prayers really appreciated!




2 responses

14 02 2008

You got it!!! Wow, Annie. I gave a request for your family at my Bible Study group yesterday. Please know you all are constantly in our hearts and prayers. The Lord has great confidence in you. He would never give you more than He will allow for you. He is faithful, strong and consistent and loves you all so very much.

15 02 2008
Margie Ray

Annie, I will pray for you and your family faithfully every day. Please call me if there’s anything I can do for you. I do work 5 days a week, but am free on week-ends so if I can help with your children, or anyone or anything else, let me know. H: 823-6974 Cell: 530-906-6067. If you’re in my neighborhood, stop in any time and we will talk and pray. Love, Margie

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