What is “normal?”

19 02 2008

Normal, for my kids, is having Daddy home.

Their spirits are up.

Their popcorn is in their noses.





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19 02 2008


I had noticed the same thing!! Thanks for your sweet comment. I actually started commenting as AnnieD so that I didn’t step all over your turf and make people think I was you. 🙂 We’re a funny Annie pair!! I have been enjoying your blog as well.

Popcorn in noses? These are things I love. 🙂 Glad things are feeling “normal” again.

– AnnieD! 🙂

19 02 2008

I linked you on my blog- is that okay?

20 02 2008
Michael Nease

I love it!

20 02 2008
Sarah B.

Annie, I hadn’t been reading your blog and just caught up today on the last week of your life. Man, you’ve been through some real trials. I will pray for you and your family. Life is so hard sometimes. What would we do without such a good God to lean on? I’m so glad that Ryan is back home. I hope the pain therapy isn’t awful. I’ve had to take some awful stuff when I had surgery, and I wasn’t sure whether the pain or the medication was worse. I’m reading through Esther right now. It really is an encouraging story of how God can work through amazing things. I am so thankful for the Bible to help us keep things in perspective and guide us with truth. You’re in my prayers.

20 02 2008

Hey kids…you got a little something right …no higher, mmm tasty!
love the silliness! So glad Ry is better!

20 02 2008

Hey, glad to see things getting back to there silly selves. Not that I would specificaly know, but its always good to see kids being kids.

20 02 2008

Thanks everyone.

AnnieD – It’s definitely ok to link me. I’ll add you to my blogroll, too!

20 02 2008

Grandkids to make a Grandma proud! Glad to hear everyones happy and healthy.
Did Mal get a haircut…it looks like it in the picture?
David and Lindsey and Clover are getting better. Maybe a new cousin and nephew this weekend!?! We will see.

20 02 2008

Hey Annie,

You are a blessing to the Nelson family. God has richly blessed you. I will continue to pray that God’s mercy and gentleness envelops you, your children and your dear husband.

Matthew J.

20 02 2008

glad to hear that he’s home and feeling better!

21 02 2008

Yes, Mom, I did trim up Malachi’s hair. It was hanging in his eyes!

Thanks everyone for the prayer and kind words. God is good.

21 02 2008

annie–So glad that your fam is starting to heal. Dea looked great. I love you guys. Hang in there. God is always good.

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