Due Dates

21 02 2008

 My brother’s second child is “due” any day now.  First, the midwife gave them a due date of February 19, then she CHANGED it to February 22.  Basically, I should have a new nephew by this weekend…

But I think baby due dates are funny.  They’re not like the due date on your library book or your car registration.  A doctor, nurse, or midwife can change it if they think they might be off a little on their initial prediction.  We get attached to these dates, though.  When you’re pregnant, you look at your due date as the future birthday of your child.  It’s an odd feeling to have that changed before it arrives.  Or, maybe it’s just me.

My first-born arrived right on her due date.  This date was given to me at my first doctor visit, and it never changed.  My second-born was induced 3 days before his due date (for reasons I agreed with, by the way).  I’ll always wonder if he would have been born on his due date, too, had we not induced.  I had contractions that woke me up all night long before going in for my induction…  God only knows.


He’s the actual One who does know every due date!  It might be the same one a doctor predicts, or it may be sooner or later than we expect.  But He knows it before conception, and that real due date never changes!

I just find that interesting.

If you know my brother, or even if you don’t, please pray for a safe home delivery in the coming days.  My sister-in-law is still fighting off the flu, so my hope is that God’s due date is AFTER she gets well… even though I can hardly wait to hold that tiny boy!




4 responses

21 02 2008

Keep us updated, and post a picture so we can see! We’ll be praying, that is so exciting….

22 02 2008
Michael Nease

i can’t wait for the new little baby!


23 02 2008

Is he here yet…I have a funny story about the home where birth is to take place…i’ll email you! 🙂

23 02 2008

Not yet…….!

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