Stealing “Tiny Talk”

22 02 2008

My friend, Kristin, posts Tiny Talk Tuesdays on her blog.  She has three sons that are quite the characters; I love reading about the humorous things they say and do.

Last night, I made the mistake of giving my two-year-old some hot chocolate before bed.  He was wired.  I thought I might calm him down with conversation, and I discovered an opportunity to find out what kind of things he’s picked up on without being taught.

Here is an exerpt of my interview, over Goldfish crackers:

me – “Where do Goldfish live?”

Malachi – “In the walla!”

me – “What about birds, where do they live?”

Mal – “Fly way up in the air!”

me – “Do you know where cows live?”

Mal – “Uuummm, outside!”

me – “What do the cows eat?”

Mal – “GRASS!”

me – “Yes, that’s right!  Cows eat grass.  What do people eat?”

Mal – “Um, chicken and meat!”

me – “Ok.  And what do cats eat?”

Mal – “Cat food!”

me – “Where do cats live?”

Mal – “In the house!”

me – “Hmmm.  Where do babies live?”

Mal – “At CHURCH!”

My son makes me laugh.  He enjoyed answering my questions, and I was amused at many of the answers he gave me.  I might be biased, but Malachi is pretty sharp.  He started the pre-school Sunday School class last week, even though he isn’t potty trained yet (although he’s working on it – yay!); his new teacher gave him a rave review after his first day.  She said that he is so smart for his age.  I could tell, she was impressed.  And I was a melty puddle of pride for the rest of the day.

You know, the good kind of pride, full of thankfulness to the Lord for the privilege and blessing of being this kid’s mom.

Anyone else out there relate?




4 responses

22 02 2008

That is so cute… I love seeing their perspective, “babies live at church,” how funny!

I totally know the “proud of your kids feelings.” it’s an amazing feeling watching your kid sing songs at school, or getting a good review at school, I don’t think it’s a feeling that can be explained or understood until you’ve got kids of your own!

22 02 2008

I know exactly what you mean. I could brag all day about my kids, and not in the annoying my-kid-is-better-than-yours sort of way, but in the I’m-so-impressed-with-them-as-people sort of way. Meah’s teacher this year absolutely adores her, and it’s not because she is smart and beautiful (which of course she it ;> ), but because she has the most beautiful heart. She is so concerned and caring for everyone and everything, it amazes me all the time. Gareth is also starting to be a compassionate child. His current goal in life is to turn off all the lights so he can “save a polar bear”. I love that they both think outside themselves.

I’m glad that your family is doing better, Annie. I hope they keep improving, and I hope that your sister-in-law has a wonderful and safe home delivery!

Love ya!

22 02 2008

Kristin – I agree!

Noel – you should know that your perspective of being impressed with your kids as people always comes across when you “brag” about them. It never comes out in that annoying, gloating way. You are such a good mom!

23 02 2008
Michael Nease

mal’s so funny! i love how he said people eat chicken and meat. kids say the darndest things!


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