My Un-named Nephew

24 02 2008

Today, at 1:08pm, my brother became a dad for the second time.


Weighing in at 8 pounds, 14 ounces, he is 22 inches long and BLOND!  For some reason, we all expected him to have dark hair.

Name is still undecided, but they’ve narrowed it down to two…

Thanks to those of you who have been keeping these guys in your prayers.  The home birth was a success.  I just hope they can get some rest tonight!




6 responses

24 02 2008
Michael Nease

cute! lindsey looks good! congrats aunt annie!


25 02 2008

Congratulations, I cant believe it. I’m totally missing out. I don’t even know their kids and that sucks. I am really happy for them, and am glad all went well. I’ll call him this week.

25 02 2008

That is so exciting! Glad it went well, let us know his name, when he’s named!

25 02 2008
Kristin D

Ok, so I have made it a habit to read your blog. You wouldn’t know it, because I rarely post on anyones. This is Kristin Davis from Auburn Grace. I love to catch up with your family, and since I love so many of them it gives me a way to know how to pray for them. Anyway, congratulations again on being a new auntie. What a beautiful family!

25 02 2008

Thanks, everyone, and I will pass along your comments to David and Lindsey.

And Hi Kristin D!!

26 02 2008

Yeah! Glad everything went well. Great picture of the little fam. Glad also you posted it so Brody, Kristin and Randy can all see them. Thank you…
Love, Barb

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