Positive Post Tuesday

4 03 2008

For those of you who don’t already read Brody’s blog, you should. 

Today, he encourages us to build someone up.  Seems God thinks this is pretty important, since it is mentioned 39 times in His Word. 

I think it’s important, too.  So, today I choose to build up my husband, Ryan.

    Ryan & Annie

Ryan and I met just about 20 years ago.  I cannot believe it’s been that long!  Through all the ups and downs, we have become best friends.  Raising two kids together has brought us even closer.  Ryan is such a good dad.  One of my favorite things is seeing him love on our kids.  He’s good at that.  They adore him.  And they are fortunate to have him at home.

Ry’s good at loving on me, too.  Don’t worry, I’m not gonna get gross here.  My husband is always BUILDING ME UP with his words.  Every day, I am told that I am loved.  I’m frequently accused of being beautiful.  And (blush) he loves my cooking.  I hope I never take these things for granted; I truly appreciate them.

I am eternally grateful for the blessing that is Ryan in my life.  How many women can say that they got to marry their Junior High sweetheart?  This one can. 

Ry, if you’re reading, I love you.  Thanks for being you and for loving me as I am. 




4 responses

4 03 2008

We are so blessed to have amazing husbands, Salami! Am I right or am I right!?! I’m right! 🙂

4 03 2008

Ryan went to FLCS?

thats crazy i didnt know you new eachother for that long. Thats way cool. Im glad to here all is well.

ps, if you see dave tell him i said hi.
I really need to call him. Im lazy

6 03 2008

Steph – Yes, you are right.

Randy – he went to Magnolia, but we met in the First Baptist youth group. Ry was only in 6th grade. I was in 7th.

3 06 2008
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