Well past Tuesday… and my iron’s low.

7 03 2008

Sorry for the bit of lag.

My new job requires more training and travel than I’m used to, and I don’t have a laptop yet!

Today was my day off.  The husband and daughter spent it up the mountain, snowboarding.

Ry and Ryv

The son and I went to the blood bank, where I had an appointment to donate.  I’d be starting my second gallon!  Unfortunately, I was “not a winner” today, since my test drop floated instead of sinking right away.  You donors know what I’m talking about.  Turns out my iron is to low today.  Gotta eat some more leafy greens, I guess.  I did have a salad for lunch!  Not good enough, apparently.

So, I received an oatmeal packet and a heart-shaped sticker that says, “Be nice to me.  I tried to give blood today.”  Man.  That makes me feel like such a failure!  Geez.    Anyway, they also gave me the free personal pizza from Round Table coupon and free 20 oz. smoothie from Smoothie King coupon, even though they didn’t get my pint.

So, Malachi and I spent over an hour at Regional Park, chasing geese and playing on the slides and swings.  We followed that up with a fruit fusion smoothie and visit to the pet store’s fish room, just for fun.  Mal wanted to look for Nemo…

By the time we got home, the little one crashed.

And I finally had a moment to blog.





2 responses

8 03 2008

What a fun day, for all of you.
Sorry they wouldn’t take your blood, maybe next time…

8 03 2008
Kristin D

What a fun day!

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