Cover Songs

10 03 2008

Kat is asking for our favorite cover songs.

This one was a PIECE OF CAKE for me!

Ok, the video is a little bit weird, but I just love the energy behind this song.

What’s your favorite cover?




2 responses

11 03 2008

I LOVE the Pet Shop Boys! You’re right though, the video was odd. Remember when Randy and I got married, after the ceremony was over we played “Heart” as we walked down the aisle. How funny! I’m not sure what my favorite cover is off hand. The only one I can think of is that Gnarls Barkley does a cover of the Violent Femmes “Gone Daddy Gone”. I prefer the Violent Femmes version, Gnarls Barkley does a nice job though. I think I’ll have to listen to both the Pet Shop Boys and Violent Femmes today!

11 03 2008

Johhny Cash – Hurt(NIN). There are some AMAZING covers out there, but the sincerity in his vocals on this made the song new for me.

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