From a 37 to a 38!

15 03 2008

Well, I went to my make-up appointment at Bloodsource.


After being told that my iron was too low last week, I actually went out and bought iron supplements and began taking them.  I already eat pretty healthfully, and I’ve been told on more than one occasion by a doctor that my iron is a bit on the low side.  So, I thought maybe this is something I should do (1) so I can be healthier and (2) so I can give blood.

So, the lady takes a drop of the red stuff from my fingertip and releases it into that blue stuff.  It sinks.  I blurted out, “It sunk!”  And then it started a quick journey back on up to the surface.  Dang it!

So, off to the centrifuge for testing.  Again.

This time, it came back as a “38.”  I do not know what this means, other than the fact that 38 is the LOWEST number you can get to still be a donor.  In other words, I am a winner today.  (If anyone does know what the 38 stands for, please, indulge me in the comments.)

All that to say, I gave up my pint today, and I feel good about it.  My arm is a tad sore, but who am I to complain?  I could have helped to save a life today.

Are you a blood donor?  Why or why not?




4 responses

16 03 2008

I have given blood once, but should more.

Glad to hear that your iron is going up!
(I’m not sure what the numbers mean, just a way to gauge your iron levels I guess, my baby’s was low at an 11 the last time they checked…)

16 03 2008

i dont give blood that often. im not apposed to it but when i see a bunch of college student types running the show I tend to get a big doubt in my head as to weather or not there actually going to be nice, or just pock the needle in and walk away.

If i actually had a doctor i would probably ask him who he recommended.

16 03 2008

I have given over a gallon (not that hard for a regular like you). I used to have a standing appointment every 54 days in Placer County….SInce moving down here I haven’t given once.

17 03 2008

I don’t get to see the results, but I trust that somebody will benefit! It’s worth 30 minutes of my time; I encourage you also to give if you can.

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