St. Patrick & James Guhn

17 03 2008

A bunch of things happen on this date.

Number One. Everyone wears green or gets pinched. Ow!

Number Two. James Guhn celebrates his birthday.

Number Three. James Guhn and I both celebrate the anniversary of getting our driver licenses… 16 years ago!

Number Four. I recall the day our cat had kittens. On my feet. While I was sleeping. Actually, I awoke to Zoe cleaning the first one, so I moved her into the box we’d prepared. She had the next three kittens in the box. The second one didn’t make it. Then, at about midnight that night, the fifth kitten was born. Marshall looked nothing like his sisters. He was the one I chose to take with me when I moved away for college. Great cat.


Number five. It’s two days before Dray‘s birthday.

Number six. It’s four days before my dad’s birthday.

Number seven. It’s the day after my niece’s birthday. She turned TWO yesterday!  Pictures to be posted later this week.  Stay tuned for the cuteness.

March and April are full of these things for me.

Anybody else have those kind of months on their calendar?




One response

17 03 2008

i would have to say Feb is like that for me. Mainly because my birthday is in feb but also because i have so many friends that were born with in 2 or 3 weeks of me.

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