Positive Post Tuesday

18 03 2008

Today, I’d like to honor and build up my Aunt Cindy.


Aunt Cindy is one of my mom’s older sisters.  They grew up, sharing a bedroom and a best friend.  I love to hear their stories!

Last summer, my aunt lost her husband.  He was hospitalized after not feeling well, and his death within just a week or two was completely unexpected.  The timing couldn’t have been worse, but it couldn’t have been better.  You see, their daughter (my cousin) had her wedding planned just a week later.  The awful part is obvious.  The positive side was that all of our family was scheduled to be there for the wedding, so we were all there for the funeral and for support, as well.  It was a time of family bonding.

Aunt Cindy showed her strong faith during that time.  She was devestated, but she persevered daily.  I remember her speech at the memorial service; I watched her and listened in admiration. 

I’d hope I could have that kind of strength. 

My own husband is far from a picture of health, and I have imagined what it would be like if I lost him at a young age.  Realistically, it could happen.  I’ve thought about who would come to his service, what I would say, how I would cope as a single mom.  (I know it sounds horrible, but I don’t dwell on it or anything.)  I thank God for every day I have with Ry.

Aunt Cindy, if you’re reading, I don’t mean to stir up any sadness.  I just wanted you to know that you have really pulled through as a woman of great faith and dignity.  The way you continue to care for your family is a sight to see.  Your home feels like my home.  I am blessed by your example, and I’m not the only one! 

Keep your eyes on Jesus.  He will always SUSTAIN you.

I love you. 




5 responses

19 03 2008
James Guhn

Thanks for the Birthday mention. I love the fact that you mentioned the Driver’s License thing too. I remember that.

Today is Dan’s Birthday. I posted a couple funny pictures of him from HS. One is a volleyball warm-ups picture. Gross, he’s sweaty. Haha.

BTW, I saw Ryvre at her school. I stopped so my mom could show off my son to the other teachers. No cussing or smoking in that teachers’ lounge. Anyway, I said, “Hi” to her. She is very polite. And she looks so much like you.

19 03 2008
Emily Nease

What a beautiful post Annie. My mom IS truly amazing. I love her SO much!!

And, I love that quilt picture. Perfect!

19 03 2008

Thank you, Annie. That was so nice. She is da bomb huh?!

19 03 2008

Yes, Hope, she really is.

22 03 2008

Thank you, Annie. That was blessing and encouragement to read. I couldn’t have made it thru without the Lord and the family and friends. One other thing, did your mom make you put in the part about being the “older” sister!

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