18 03 2008

As promised, a few photos from my precious and adorable niece’s birthday party…

Clover candles





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19 03 2008

wow, i havnt see clover, Lindsey, Dave for almost 2yrs. sometimes i wish i could just stay in auburn and live there so i could see all my friends kids grow up.

19 03 2008

David really wants to get a computer so he can get online to stay in touch with people. Hopefully, that’ll happen soon, and I’m sure you’ll hear from him, Randy!

19 03 2008

Annie…What a sweet fam all of you have. i know your Mom is very happy. I know I think of Dave every time I hear from Randy. They should all be together.
Love reading your blog. See you sunday.

19 03 2008

Such sweet kids!

19 03 2008
Emily Nease

I love that last pic of all the cousins! Jonas is sooo cute! I can’t wait to see him!

20 03 2008
Kristin D

Oh my goodness, they are so cute! It’s so neat that your kids have cousins they can play with frequently. Such a special thing to have.

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