Idol Talk

25 03 2008


Since Dray hasn’t mentioned it yet…

I’m wondering who else out there is watching American Idol this season.  I have only missed two seasons:  the first one and the one that Carrie Underwood won.  Every other season has captivated me.  I know, the show has its weaknesses and cheesiness.  I KNOW.  But once it gets down to the top 10, it’s really hard to choose who I’m going to vote for!  I mean, I really like 8 of them!

Tonight, I decided to vote for just three.  I’m holding back.
Can you guess who?

Did you vote?

Do you even WATCH?

I think you are missing out, if you don’t.


Hint:  The men (except for Brooke) have it in the bag this season.

Talk to me.




10 responses

26 03 2008

Okay, Mile and I have watched since season 2, never missed one. I believe you are right on. Tonight, the “Billie Jean” was amazing. never heard anyone do it. I was captivated and rewound it to see it again.
Love the show.

26 03 2008

Talk about saving the best for last, I know! “Billie Jean” was INCREDIBLE. Mr. Cook moved way up in my book last night.

26 03 2008
Kristin D

My two favs last night were David Cook and Michael Johns. So good! I love Brooke too, I think she was really good last night too. Carly sang one of my all time favorite songs, I thought it was incredable! They are my to 4 right now. I didn’t like the song that David Archaletta sang. He did sound like he was on a float at Disneyland!

26 03 2008
Emily Nease

i think i’ve only missed two seasons of idol. i’m thinking of skipping this one. i’m not very impressed by anyone in particular and contrary to what a lot of people say, i don’t think this is the best season. i think dancing with the stars will take the place of idol in my tv viewing for now… i’ll probably be back when the show gets closer to the final three….or four.

27 03 2008

I really like Carly and Mr. Cook. I try to think in terms of whose album I might buy and right now the others are not in the mix. I think Cook is a Daughtry clone right now, though. I really liked Amanda just b/c she was so different from what is out there right now, but I guess she was too different. I’m sad Chikeze (sp) left. yes, this last song was boring, but his last 2 were amazing.

27 03 2008

Steph, I totally agree with you about Chikeze (sp?).

I also really like Jason so far.

Little David is AMAZING, but I don’t know that I’d buy an album by him… unless maybe it was a cd of praise songs or something!

28 03 2008
Raquel TWG

Ah I adore David Cook!
I am pretty much in love with that guy.
I have to admit that as much as I like Idol, I usually turn it off once he’s done singing. But hey, this week he was last so I got to see everyone. Hehe.

And I agreed with Simon when he said David A.’s performance was ‘theme park-esque’. I could so picture him on stage in Disney with Timon and Pumba dancing around him. Scary. I think David A. has a great voice but he’s too ‘teen pop’ for me, I dunno.

28 03 2008

Reading this has made me realize that david cook has a pretty good shot this year. I watched one episode and thought that david archuleta was a shoe in, but of course idol voting is about as logical as a klingon birthday party. Anyway I”m out this season, last time I watched it was way too captivating and frustrating. I like my tv to be a little more tame.

Anyway, it’s a good way to get more hits on your blog 😉

– dan

p.s. I”m pretty sure that drink mentioned in the other blog would get you drunk. Just sayin’

28 03 2008

dan. and your point is?

30 03 2008
Michael Nease

Yeah, I’m not real interested in Idol this year either. I might tune in during the finals, but I’m kind of burned out on the whole series to be honest. It’s moving into the “Star Search” realm of fame in my book. 🙂

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