Oil Spill

28 03 2008

Since I work in the “business” of oil spills (prevention, preparedness, response, and restoration), I subscribe to some news feeds that provide relevant artiticles. 

Well, most of the time they are relevant…

The last Google batch I received included the “Recipe for an Oil Spill.” 

Indeed, I was curious.

shot glasses

Turns out the Oil Spill is a drink.  Three-fourths ounce Goldschlager with 1/4 ounce Jagermeister floating on top. 


I’ll have to try that sometime, just because.

Do you have a favorite one-ounce drink?  or drink name?




6 responses

28 03 2008
Emily Nease

now when you spill that drink, do you wipe it up with your hair?

28 03 2008

the name “oil spil” for a drink brings too many flashbacks of drinking castor oil to induce labor for me… so I don’t think I could drink it!

I just tried a pomegranate margarita the other night and it was yummy, I think I like anything with pomegranate juice in it. Because it’s different and not too sweet.

28 03 2008

Emily – ha ha!!! Yes, and then you sprinkle mushrooms on it.

Kristin – that sounds really good…

28 03 2008

somebody gave me a shot once called a ‘red-headed slut.’ obviously, the name was over the top, but the drink was tasty. no idea what was in it – probaby vodka, maybe cranberry and ???! Good thing I trust the peeps that gave it to me.

29 03 2008

its called “a shot of whiskey”

12 05 2010
The Destructionist

I have a sinking feeling that this oil disaster is being downplayed and may be much larger than we think. I wanted to know just how much oil was flowing into the ocean from that broken pipeline (in both barrels and in gallons) so I did some research on my own.

Barrels vs. Gallons

Most news articles claim that since April 21, 2010 roughly 4 million gallons of sweet crude have been leaked into the Gulf at a rate of 210,000 gallons per day. But according to an Associated Press article just posted today (What went wrong at oil rig? A lot), approximately 4,000,000 barrels have already spilled into the Gulf. When you convert those barrels into gallons, you end up with a whopping 168,000,000 gallons of oil: that’s a difference of 164,000,000 gallons from the previous estimate!

(Don’t believe me? Read the articles and convert the measurements for yourself.)




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