Shout to the Lord.

9 04 2008

Ok, so I’m predicting that there will be people, Christians, that get offended that the “Idol Gives Back” show ended with the 8 remaining contestants singing, “Shout to the Lord.”

It’s going to happen.

But I want to go on the record, LOVING that they did. Don’t you see? This extremely popular television show topped off their biggest episode of the season with a song of PRAISE to our LORD!

I don’t know whether those 8 contestants are believers, or not. But I do know that they sang the song with passion in their beautiful voices. And I sat in my couch with my hands high for the whole song.

Idol could have chosen something else.

A finale that had no mention of God.


But they didn’t.

I think that is significant and wonderful.

Alright, what did you think?




11 responses

10 04 2008

have been a big Idol fan, but now, I think I will boycott the show. If I don’t, what kind of example am I setting for my children? Its not lukewarm, it is wolves in sheeps clothing trying to dilute, devalue,re-direct focus, blasphemy……….Oprah kind of religion. I don’t think some of the contestants even thought about this…….? Its a free country,I know, but “Christ followers” must listen to the Holy Spirit when these events occur and know that this is not Christ Jesus that is beng praised. Its “whatever” God you believe in. I am very disappointed, but not surprised. If I was a Idol contestant and professed myself as a “Christ follower”, believe that Jesus is God and he is the only way to salvation through repentment, commitment, and belief……….I could have never sang the song the way they did.

10 04 2008

I am SO mad I changed the channel before the end, now. Annie – did they sing the WHOLE song ” My Jesus, my savior, Lord there is none like you.”…verse chorus verse chorus?
curious…. Christine, there have been other nights on Idol in past seasons when contestants have sung clearly Christian songs – contestants that have outright said they don’t follow Christ. Why was this so different for you? I’m not sure I have an opinion on this as I didn’t see that portion of the show. I respect your yielding to the Holy Spirits call.

10 04 2008

The WHOLE song!

10 04 2008
Kristin D

My dvr quit taping before they sang it! I am soooooo bummed! I have heard that Jason is a very devout christian and I think someone else, but I can’t remember who. Very cool that they did that!

10 04 2008

Hey Annie,
Did Simon sing along? 😉

10 04 2008
Emily Nease

Real quick, they did not sing “My Jesus, my Savior…” they sang “My Shepherd, My Savior,” but every other word was the same such as “power and majesty praise to the King”…”let every breath, all that I am, never cease to worship you.”
Anywho, I was incredibly surprised that they sang that song at the very end. When Seacrest said they were going to sing “Shout to the Lord” I thought it had to be a different song, but it wasn’t! All I could think was who in the world picked this as the LAST song of the night??
Now, maybe not every person who sang the song was Christian, but I believe God is still able to move in the hearts of others even if the singers do not have such sincerity in their hearts. What is amazing is the TRUTH that was proclaimed to millions of people across this country last night, regardless of who sang it; it still is the truth and the power of God. (Maybe Christ’s name was not being praised by every single person there, but His name was being praised in my heart as I heard that song.)
I thought that song was a beautiful ending to a night dedicated to helping those in great need (what we are called to do as lovers of Christ). Yes, we need to sacrifice and help others and yes, we need to create awareness of injustice. What is important is that our motivation is Christ and through Him we can tackle the hopelessness in this world. (Which oddly enough is how they ended the show…)

10 04 2008

Excellent point, Emily. Just like there have been pastors and preachers in pulpits around the nation that have not been genuine believers, I bet there are some artists in the Christian music industry that aren’t sold out for Jesus. Does the Word ever return void – no! I am not justifying false praise, but merely saying that God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

10 04 2008

I forgot about, “My Shepherd.” Thanks for clarifying that, cuz. And, I totally agree with everything you said!

10 04 2008
Emily Nease

Wow, they actually sang Shout to the Lord again (on the kick off show) AND sang “My Jesus, my Savior!!!!”

Have they said yet how much money was raised last night?

12 04 2008

I agree, how great that the Lord was definitely raised up. I loved it. they did a great job.
So glad they redid it on thursday night.

16 04 2008
Dan Ray

For me, changing the lyric to “my shepherd” makes the song lose some of its punch. But a lot of my friends up here were deeply moved and it brought tears to the eyes of some, so I figure the “face of the unknown God” (see acts 17) shines though in any case.

I think now would be a good time to put that song on the shelf permanently. They did a good job with it and it was on national tv. We should let it rest there.

Nobody will agree with me on this.

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