18 04 2008

Well, we made it through the week.  It was a REALLY long one for me.  Today, I have a meeting in the a.m., “wrap up” stuff in the afternoon, and a free ride home with a co-worker/friend.

This weekend is the first one in a very long time that I have nothing penned into my planner.  That feels good!  I’ll probably spend a good part of it cleaning my house, but I also hope to get outside for some exercise and sunshine.

Blessings on you who continue to stop by.  I haven’t been inspired to write anything profound lately, but I do appreciate the readers and commenters! 

…Actually, I did want to post something about my pastor’s last sermon. 

I’ll pen that into my planner right now!

In the meantime, if you’re bored, go here and play this!




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18 04 2008

I came here from Brody’s blog looking for a different fun Friday game to play! oh well, maybe I can find that monkey kickball game again from Dray. 🙂 Happy Friday and have a great weekend! slr

18 04 2008

I’ve become addicted to this game: Clear the Skies
You can win the entire Top 20 travel deals from Travelzoo. Much fun and frustration!

18 04 2008

I made the link, and I guess it automatically posts as a comment… Sorry for the disappointment, Steph! I’ll go check out your recommendation. And, I’m going to email you tonight.

25 04 2008

Hi annie. I wanted to come by and thank you in (blog) “person” for your prayers regarding my Aunt Stacy and her brain surgery. It was a wonderfully successful surgery and she is now home beginning her recovery. It blessed us so to have your comment and we appreciate you taking some of your time to pray for our need.
I was so happy to see your prayer request posted on here about the possibility of buying a house for the first time. How exciting! I will be praying for your family about that. Also, I read through quite a few of your posts (excellent BTW) and noticed the one about you mother-in-law Dea. I will be adding her to my prayer list as well.
Thanks so much for sharing prayer needs. The is absolutely power in prayer. Of course, I’ll now be checking your blog regularly, but please feel free anytime to post a prayer request (or praise report) on my blog’s prayer page. You can also put any updates on there. I’d be happy to share them and pass along our prayer offerings to as many as we can.
Have a wonderful weekend. God bless you and your family.

In Christ – Melody Milbrandt

28 04 2008

Thank you, Melody!

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