Crescent City, CA

17 05 2008

I just got back from this place yesterday.  Although I lived about an hour south of here for a good three years during college, I’d never been quite this far north along the coast.  There were many things about it that were beautiful… and many things about the community that were a bit depressing.  It wasn’t what I expected, but Crescent City did have some gorgeous weather, tasty restaurants, and neat antique shops.

I visited the lighthouse and found 5 agates along the low tide path.  They are semi-precious, I hear!

I had a great time networking with Coasties and National Park reps, along with getting to know my own co-workers a little better and obtaining some awesome training.

It was fun.

But getting home is always better.

If you’ve been to Crescent City, CA, what did you think?




2 responses

17 05 2008

I’ve never been there, what is it near?

17 05 2008

It’s along Hwy 101, about 1/2 hour from the Oregon border. Pelican Bay State Prison is the main employer.

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