Positive Post Tuesday

27 05 2008

My parents.


I have heard it said before that God hand-picks every parent for their children.  Nobody else could do a better job than them at caring for their own kids.  It’s a neat concept, and it makes us feel pretty special as moms and dads.  I’ve never read this in the Word, though, and I don’t really buy it.  I mean, how do you explain those TERRIBLE parents out there that mistreat, abuse, or even kill their own offspring?  I’ve read several stories in the news about moms that have drowned their kids!  Now, I am pretty sure I could have done a better job than they did in caring for those children.  So, why would God hand-pick them?

Anyway, there are many cases that do seem to support this concept, and I see it a lot in my own family (and my husband’s).

My brother and I were fortunate enough to grow up in a home where our mom didn’t have to work.  She was always available and accessible to us.  She made our breakfast, lunch, and dinner; drove us to school and picked us up; came to our volleyball, soccer, baseball, and basketball games; and helped us complete big school projects.

Our dad was the family provider.  He worked a lot.  Sometimes out of town.  But he, too, was very involved in our lives.   We never felt like he wasn’t there for us.  I remember the countless wrestling matches between Dad and David on the livingroom floor!  Our dad made it to award ceremonies, open houses, and father-daughter banquets.

It’s interesting to me how the parent-child relationships change over the years…

As a teen, I went from calling my mom my best friend to constantly fighting with her about every little thing!  Oh, the screaming and yelling.  I was a pretty good kid, but I did give her her money’s worth a few times.  Now, my mom is again one of my favorite people to spend time with.  She knows me very well, and I feel like we can talk about anything.

As an adult, I was blessed with a job that landed me in the same office building my dad worked in.  We worked for two completely different state departments, so he had nothing to do with my getting the job, either.  For five years, we got to commute to and from the city together and do lunch whenever we wanted.  It was a great opportunity to deepen our relationship, catch up, and stay connected. 

I don’t know who I would be had I not had MY parents.  I’m so grateful to live so close to them – and my brother, too.

Mom and Dad, if you read this, I want you to know that I thank God for you.  I appreciate how you have brought me up, taken care of me, and continue to support and encourage me all the time.  Even when I have made choices you did not agree with, you’ve never bailed on me!  Thank you also for being the best grandparents ever.  I could not have “hand-picked” a better set for my kids.

I hope all of you (I mean, the both of you that read my blog) will take time to love on your parents.  There is no reason to hold out for Mother’s and Father’s Day.  Any square on the calendar is just as good! 

Especially, a Positive Post Tuesday.

(FYI, I had to re-write this whole post after WordPress “lost” it, somehow!  Eek.  I’m learning to save as I go.  Very important.) 




8 responses

27 05 2008

Your parent’s are cool cats. Tell them hello for me.

27 05 2008

When we drove by Sierra Reach yesterday on our way out of town (i know…I’m sorry! I really need YOUR cell #) the two people I could spot for sure were your folks. 🙂
Ken and I have spoken on many occasions about the kind of parents we would like to be. Not having believing parents ourselves we felt like we lacked a go-to example in our own families, but have always agreed we’d like to be most like G&C. Thanks for highlighting 2 of the coolest parents we know… Love you Bellamy’s! -s-

27 05 2008
Kristin D

They are awsome people!

27 05 2008

Your parents are great!

27 05 2008

I’ll agree with you annie, your parents put up with a lot craziness caused by Me and Dave. Not to mention when I crashed your moms car. They are pretty cool.

27 05 2008

You are oh so right, Annie….They are great and I love them too.

27 05 2008
Dad and Mom

Dearest Daughter,
We were glad to do what we could to help you become the wonderful Godly person you are today. We are so pleased that you continued to follow the Lord and seek his will for you life. We were very proud of your perseverence in finishing your college education with a child of your own to nurture. Not many people could get through that challenge.
You and David are the very people we imagined you would be when we thought of having children. You are caring, honest, and loving people. Thank you for the kind thoughts and love you wrote about. Love, Dad and Mom

29 05 2008
James Guhn

Oh, so many good times with Carol and Gary or Garol and Cary. I was talking to another family member of yours recently, and we were discussing how funny your parents are. This family member of yours told me he/she didn’t always understand Gary’s jokes. Ah, Gary. So dry, so deep, so funny. And Carol, that laugh and wit are priceless.

Oh and since I’m sure I was as rude as a high schooler as I am now, tell them thanks for all the pool and late, late, late night spa access. I think I still have some permanent prune-like digits from the hours of sitting in that spa.

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