Stuck in my head…

29 05 2008

Yeah, she’s cute.



She knows it.

But this theme song looping in my brain all day sure doesn’t help my productivity level.

(On the plus side, my 2-year-old can count in Spanish.)




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29 05 2008

Boots has an episode where he is looking for his ball. I haven’t seen Dora in 3 years and I can still remember that blasted song about how he loves his ball, his bouncy ball, he loves his ball, ball, ball, ball, ball!
New Stuck Song Suggestion: One of these kids is doing his own thing, c’mon can you tell which one? Can you guess which kid is doing his own thing. Quick, before my song is done…and now my song is done!
I heart Sesame Street.

29 05 2008
James Guhn

Did you see the SNL spoof? That was awesome. I’m glad I have a boy. And no, Diego will not be coming to my house.

Go, Diego, Go. Go away!

29 05 2008
Kristin D

We took the boys to see Dora live right after Warren was born. They had a blast! (Even Ragan, and he was 7) But Boot’s was scary live. He was this big grown man in a tight monkey suit with a big fat stomach. He was creepy. Everything else was fun. Warren likes both Dora and Deigo alot, and he too can count in Spainish. There are pluses.

29 05 2008
Raquel TWG

It’s probably better than having Hannah Montana stuck in your head for 3 days D:

29 05 2008

Mr. Guhn. My two-year-old IS a boy. Look out!

(It’s actually a really cute show, but the songs tend to be just a little too repetitive and catchy!)

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