Monday Perspective

2 06 2008

I was outside, watering my roses yesterday, and I was completely impressed by this one stem.  It was coming up out of the ground with very little branching and THIS at the top:

This dense cluster of buds!

I’ve never seen a rose bush do this.  Have you?

When I look at it, I just imagine the potential…  It’s going to be a bouquet of flowers in itself.   I’ll be able to clip one stem and put it in a vase for our table!  How beautiful it will be; I can’t wait!

I love potential.  We see it in our homes, our careers, and our children.  It provides hope.  It identifies goals.  It keeps us positively motivated and looking forward to the future.

Monday’s can be a drag, but I think a our perspective can turn that around.  My encouragement to you is to start out this week without underestimating its potential. 

*  Your accomplishments at home and/or work  

*  Joy and laughter coming your way

*  Opportunities to share your faith

*  The number of lives you may touch without even knowing it

*  All of the blessings God has in store


*  How the Lord may be glorified in your activities and choices




4 responses

2 06 2008

Great perspective for me this day. Thanks my friend.

2 06 2008

I agree, great perspective. I have found I am happier when I look around at the simple things in life and enjoy each one.
The other day I was sitting on the swing in our yard and Sookie ( our 7 mo. old Lab) was laying down near a Lavendar bush. It had boomed and there was a bee on the flower. Sookie’s little eyes kept follwing it, eyebrows up and down just watching. It made me think….oh, the wonder of it all.
Love you, Annie

2 06 2008

I meant “bloomed” Sorry

2 06 2008

That is going to be a beautiful bouquet!

Very inspirational words…

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