Welcome Friday, and goodbye spring.

20 06 2008

I really enjoyed the dance recital last night.  Although my own daughter was only in one act, I’ve watched so many of these other girls grow up for the past 7 years.  I feel like I know many of them that I’ve never actually met.  Some of those young ladies are incredibly talented – I get goose bumps.  The little ones are always adorable in their foofy costumes and curls.  They are always looking to the side curtain where their teacher stands, giving them cues.  Sometimes, they sing out loud to the music.  And when they make mistakes, it only makes the performance more entertaining!

Malachi is not very interested in watching dance recitals.  Luckily, his sister’s routine was scheduled during the first half, so Daddy took him home at intermission.  Daddy is not very interested in watching dance recitals either – except for the parts where his daughter makes an appearance!

So, the end of a long week is near.  Even though I have to work today, somehow Fridays tend to feel so much easier, more relaxed.  I guess it’s because we are so close to Saturday   …and I am wearing jeans.


Tomorrow is the first day of summer.  The “longest day” of the year.  For me, there is no excitement here.  This is the season that I just manage to plug through, one sweaty day at a time, and anxiously await the end of:  autumn.  Beautiful autumn!  But there are some fun things we have planned for the summer.  A concert, a musical, several family birthdays, weekends at my parents’ pool, and two possible camping trips to the mountains.  Throw a handful of BBQs with friends in the mix, and the dreadful heat will be over soon enough!

Do you have some fun summer plans?




3 responses

20 06 2008

How fun!

I remember seeing Ryvre in a dance recital, when we went and saw Trinity! She was so little then!

First day of summer… I was wondering when that was.

20 06 2008
Dan Ray

What is “Spring”?

21 06 2008

I agree, Annie. I, too, just plug through. Infact, today, the second day of summer,I am inside all day. too hot to go outside, I don’t even want my dogs out there. The hope of “autumn”….sounds lovely already.


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