Reading for pleasure…

21 06 2008

I’m not a book-reader.

Reading books makes me sleepy.

The last book I remember reading for fun (and acutally finishing) is called The Clan of the Cave Bear, and it was in 1999. Today, I have a couple of bookshelves, full of reference books. That’s the only thing I use them for.

Blogs are pretty much all I read by choice, these days. Some of the ones in my Blog Roll are so good. They make me laugh and cry. Some are educational. Some are spiritually encouraging. And I hope that by reading them, I will become a better writer. Of course, new friendships are a nice a bonus!

Let me introduce the newest addition to my Roll: Whittaker Woman. She’s got some really neat things to say, and I think that if I knew her, we’d be friends. She has strong values, creative ideas, and really cute kids. And, she’s from my state.

Check her out sometime (if you haven’t already), and have a great weekend!




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11 07 2008

I love her blogs

22 07 2008
40 Day Fast - HEART « redcedar

[…] year, several bloggers recommended this book: Under the Overpass.  I bought it.  Last year.  I’m not much of a reader for pleasure, but I just (FINALLY) started reading it a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted to share with you one of […]

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