Day One

23 06 2008

Today begins the 2008 40 Day Fast, hosted by Inspired to Action.  I hope you will commit to following along and participating, as God leads. 

Brant Hansen delivers a strong message about “where God Lives.”  He talks about the children of Nairobi, which touched my heart in a big way.  Brant’s message highlighted the wonderful work of Compassion International.  As I read his post, I scrolled down to the photo of the uniformed children at school; to the right of my computer screen, I have a photo of my sponsored child, Munita, wearing that very same uniform.  The skirt of it is held up in her hands, because it is so big.  The yellow sleeves come down past her elbows.  She is holding her school book.  Her smile is priceless. 

I sponsored her through World Vision.  And I just want to say that I love the fact that Nairobi has more than one organization there, helping the communities.  Each one does things a little bit differently, but they all have the same intention, and I think their impact is greater because they are not working alone.

Munita is turning 8 tomorrow.  Happy Birthday, precious one! 

More later.

Pray for Kenya.

God bless.




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