Looking forward to lunch!

3 07 2008

So, today at work we are saying goodbye to someone who has been here a long time.  He’s our database administrator, and he’s going to be hard to replace (if not impossible).  Thankfully, someone decided to organize a potluck to celebrate his promotion and see him off.  We have the BEST potlucks in my office!



I made a dilly potato salad.

Hopefully, Carol is bringing her Spanish rice, Cathy is providing pizza, and Jay has whipped up a fine dessert dish from his JELLO cookbook.  What a line-up!  And there will be so much more.  I can’t wait for lunchtime.

You can only dream of eating as well as I will today! 

That is, of course, unless you’re fasting…  (Was that mean?)  Please take a moment today to pray for Day 11 bloggers, Steven and Sarah.  Read their posts.  Take some action.


UPDATE:  no Spanish rice.   And I was good; I ate fruit for dessert instead of the HUGE chocolate cupcakes they were trying to force-feed me.  Potlucks rule.




5 responses

3 07 2008

Today is a good day, potluck and all! Looking forward to that potato salad Annie. . .Yummy. . .Oh, I didn’t make my delicious dessert dish, so will have to settle for some chicken from Food 4 Less.

Yes, will we miss our database guru. . .and go through the pain of trying to find a suitable replacement. We wish him the best ever and I’m so happy he got his well deserved promotion. . .

3 07 2008

Jay, you made my day by leaving me a comment!

3 07 2008

Wow…I am hungry.

3 07 2008

Good for you. Hope it was all tasty!

11 07 2008

That potato salad looks DELICIOUS

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