Independence Day

4 07 2008


That’s not what I was looking for.


That’s not it, either.  That is the movie we FINALLY watched last night!

Ah HA!

There we go.

Happy 4th of July, everyone.  Let’s not forget to thank God for our independence, as well as all of the abundant blessings we enjoy in our country.  And, of course, consider giving some of your wealth to the needy.  With the 40 Day Fast going on, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a way to help.  Today’s bloggers are Tim and Leslie.  Hmm.  We have a senator in California named Tim Leslie!  That’s funny.

Have a great day, and be safe out there!




2 responses

4 07 2008

I love Will Smith movies, he’s got lots of good ones!

6 07 2008

Very fun to be able to see the fireworks from Meadow Vista. !!! That would be comforting to just sit where you are and watch.

Thank you for the sweet comment.
Love you, annie….Barb

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