Birthday Noodles up in Smoke

12 07 2008

Yesterday was Lindsey’s birthday. She was born on 7-11, so it’s really easy to remember!

My brother made reservations at a nice restaurant for dinner. They followed it with dessert coffees and some shopping. Just the two of them.

That means the kiddos were at my parents’ house. We headed over to spend some time with them in the pool. The 2 year olds love to play together.

It’s been so smoky here. Our area of the foothills is sandwiched by two fire complexes that have been burning for weeks. Everything looks so drab, except for the SUN. As it sets every night, it turns a bright orange to red, and it’s really quite beautiful! I hope it clears up soon, though. It’s not healthful to be out and about; neither is it healthful to be cooped up indoors every day!

…at least there are blogs to read…

Today marks the half-way point for the 40 Day Fast.

Please take a peek at the following posts, and think about how you can help.

Pete and Brent, I’m praying for you.




3 responses

12 07 2008

Thanks for praying with Pete and I today!

12 07 2008
Emily Nease

that noodle is a perfect cover for mal. haha! cute! when did your parents re-do the pool? it looks great!

12 07 2008

Happy Birthday to lyndsay!

Sorry about that smoke, that is not fun…

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