Blessed Sunday

13 07 2008

I’ve been having a really hard time getting my son to go to his toddler class at church. He’s been promising to be quiet and still in “big church” with me for the past few weeks, but that has not been working out so well… He usually ends up under the chairs, babbling about something, until I make him come out and remind him to whisper. Eventually, we end up heading down the hall to his class, and I have to stay in there with him for at least 10 minutes until I can finally go back to the sanctuary. I have decided NOT to sneak out on him, because I feel that’s deceptive and I want him to trust me.

This morning was no different from last week. I missed the second half of the sermon. I finally got back for the end of worship, which I was blessed by, but I’ve decided that from now on, we’re heading straight to the toddler room and I’m dropping him off. It’s gotten to the point where I feel I’m being manipulated a bit!

Anyway, we sang this song at the end of church, and I wanted to share it with you.

Keeper of the stars
Lord of time and space
I will live my life
Lifting up Your name

Lover of my heart
God who came to save
Thank You for the Cross
And the life you Gave

Jesus is your Name

Hallelujah Jesus
Hallelujah Jesus
Hallelujah Jesus
You are the everlasting God

Author of my life
Friend of sinful man
Holy, mighty God
Ever great ‘I Am’

You’re so wonderful
Jesus is your name

Hallelujah Jesus
Hallelujah Jesus
Hallelujah Jesus
You are the everlasting God!
Hallelujah Jesus
Hallelujah Jesus
Hallelujah Jesus
My lord, beautiful you are!

Monk & Neagle

I hope you have a blessed Sunday. Remember to read these: Jonathan & Jeanine.




2 responses

14 07 2008

Luke can’t talk yet, so that helps, because he can’t be persuasive. 🙂 However, he cries every time we leave him at the nursery at church. It’s gotten to the point where he grips my shirt real tight as soon as he sees where we’re heading — and he starts crying before we I even try to put him down. The funny thing is, the workers there say he calms down quickly after we leave and he is generally good until we return. I still feel a little bad leaving a sad and crying baby though.

Does your church have a crying room? If things got bad enough, you could try that as an alternative.

14 07 2008

I get the same feedback: Mal calms down within a couple of minutes and is fine until I come get him. It’s just the drop off that’s difficult! Those desperate puppy dog eyes get me every time. (We don’t have a crying room.)

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