I’m a new fan.

19 07 2008

AFTER you read these posts:




check out a couple of pics from JB.

This is the tour bus that they bring to all their shows, and they let fans write messages all over it! I thought it was pretty cool, but Ryvre didn’t want to write anything.

We had lawn tickets, which are behind the seating. We sat in the back. Forgot binoculars, but we were thankful for the large screens!

Here’s the view from where we sat! Sorry it’s blurry.

When we zoomed in on the screens, we got a couple of half-way decent shots.

This is Nick Jonas, singing his song that was inspired by finding out he had Type I Diabetes. The “serious” moment of the show. That’s him below the screen, on the piano.  Yes, the ant on the piano.

This is Kevin Jonas, the oldest one. I think he’s all of 17.

And, finally, the cutest one: Joe Jonas.

I know, you all wish you were there.

The good news today, is that I got to sleep in! It was wonderful.

Thank God for weekends!




2 responses

19 07 2008

We just had breakfast this morning with a friend, who’s got 3 teenage daughters who apparently love the Jonas Brothers. They are trying to get to one of their shows.

Glad you had fun!

20 07 2008
Matthew J

I am also glad that you all had a good time.

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