It’s good to be home.

24 07 2008
The "peace barn" in Bolinas, CA.

The "peace barn" in Bolinas, CA.

Bolinas Lagoon really is as beautiful as the photo I posted below…  And the people who live there know it.  This is evidenced by the fact that you cannot see any signs to Bolinas on your way in.  Every time CalTrans puts new signs up, the community takes them down.  They appreciate what they have, and they don’t want it to turn into a tourist attraction!  It’s pretty crazy.  But after 3 days of driving around in the area, I got a good feel for the geography (one of my weakest subjects).

I always love to do field work and spend time learning new parts of my job while getting to know some of my coworkers a lot better.  It’s always a good experience for me.

But getting home always beats it.  Even though I talk to my family EVERY DAY, while out of town, it’s not the same as seeing them and hugging them.  I look forward to that excited welcome home from Malachi, every time!

Thanks to those of you who stopped by my blog while I was gone.

I hope you’ve already taken a moment to read posts by Ryan and Maryann today for the 40 Day Fast.

I’m totally ready for this 3 day weekend!

God bless.




One response

25 07 2008
Great-Granny Grandma

What a beautiful, beautiful place. The name of the barn says it all.

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