A few prayer requests…

27 07 2008

If you have room on your prayer lists this week, here are some special items that could use some of your attention.

Our church has a friend in Kenya. Pastor Harun has visited our church several times and is always such a sweet spirit. We care about his family deeply. Right now, his wife, Sheri, is suffering from a toxic goiter. She needs surgery, or she will die a slow death. Unfortunately, she is also suffering from very high blood pressure. The doctors that have been seeing her will not do the surgery until it comes down. FORTUNATELY, Vickie Winkler (founder and president of HEART) has stepped in to help and found her a new hospital that has successfully gotten Sheri’s blood pressure under control. Now, she can have the surgery she needs! Please pray that the surgery is successful and the recovery is swift and smooth. Also, please pray that our church (along with the support of a church in SoCal) can raise enough money to pay for it. It’s about $1000 in American dollars. No problem, right? I hope not.

Also, a fantastic woman from our church, by the name of Monique, is raising money to go to Kenya with Village Care next month. I have no doubt she’ll get the money. Of course, your prayers for safety and support are coveted.

Finally, another wonderful woman from our church (a long-time friend of mine) is going through treatment for breast cancer. She hasn’t been in church for quite some time, but I had no idea she was diagnosed with cancer until yesterday! I feel so guilty about that. Time to get my name on that prayer chain, ya think? Anyway, as my friend recovers, PLEASE pray for her to be healed and to be cancer-free. I love this woman. She is a mother-figure to me, and I am heart-broken that she is going through this trial.

Lord, please be with these ladies. I lift them up to You and trust You and Your knowledge of what is best for them. Thank you for being in control and for loving us like You do!




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28 07 2008
Great-Granny Grandma

Prayers going up.

28 07 2008

Mine, too. Hey Annie…if your friend going through treatment needs to talk, give her my number. Sometimes, unless you’ve been through it, its hard to know what to say. There is comfort in being able to talk about particular stuff.
Much love and thanks for the prayers for these gals.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of all mercies and God of all comfort; who comforts us in all our affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. II Cor. 1:3-4

28 07 2008
Melody Milbrandt

Thank you for sharing prayer requests Annie. You are very good with that on your blog and I really admire it. It is so important and it pleases Our Lord when we lift each other up in prayer. I will be praying for these ladies as well as the loved ones who are there to support, help, and love them. The Lord has a purpose in all and I pray that He will remind them today of His inexhaustable love and resources for each one of them. He numbers the hairs on every head and He is right there with them each step of the way. Praise Him for His great mercy and grace.
In Jesus’ name – Melody

28 07 2008
Kristin D

I’m praying too!

28 07 2008


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