Positive Post Tuesday – Pastor Lou

29 07 2008

Pastor Lou USED TO BE Mr. C. You see, my current pastor was my Bible teacher in 8th grade. Had I gone on to high school at that Christian school, I would have had many more classes with him. Brody and Randy probably did. I chose public school. Little did I know that Mr. C. would play such a prominent role in my life as an adult.

Pastor Lou and his wife, Linda, gave Ryan and me our pre-marital counseling. They were super supportive when we went through a very rocky time in our relationship. And, today, they continue to be a prominent blessing.

One thing I love about Pastor Lou is his heart for people. He genuinely cares for others and wants to see them healed from additions, reconciled in relationships, and actively using their spiritual gifts for the Lord’s glory. I love that he uses emotion, humor, and GRAMMAR in his messages. Yes, I am a grammar girl! I may make mistakes from time to time, but I’m more often the one who picks out mistakes in everything I read. When Pastor Lou talks grammar, he explains the scriptures in their most basic context and takes you deep into the Word. I also love that my pastor is all about outreach. Not trying to increase numbers in the church (for the sake of having bigger numbers), but encouraging his congregation to be the hands and feet of God in our community. He meets regularly with other local pastors, and our church has a reputation for ministering to the community in many different ways. It’s a beautiful thing.

Linda is one of my favorite people, too. She has helped me through some personal battles and is always a positive presence. She is honest, open, and transparent. She doesn’t try to be somebody she isn’t or live up to any perceived expectations of a pastor’s wife. She is wonderful the way she is! I am so blessed to know her.

I doubt Lou and Linda have any idea that I blog. But if they did, I’d want them to know that I am so thankful for them and their influence on me and my family. I am glad they continue to be a part of my life.

Thank you, Lord, for the Costantinis!

We’re on Day 37 of the 40 Day Fast. Can you believe it? Head on over the posts by Liz and Mike. Bless and be blessed.




5 responses

29 07 2008

I loved having Mr C as a teacher! He’s a great teacher, and I imagine a great pastor as well.

29 07 2008

What great folks, Annie….We get to see them almost every Sunday we go to El Portal. It is fun to see and reminesce about the old days.

Love Barb

29 07 2008

Kristin – I couldn’t remember if you had Mr. C. So cool that you did. He’s such a kind and caring man.

Barb – That’s neat that you guys see them so often. I love keeping in touch with friends from the “old days!”

30 07 2008

Mike coached Philip in Little League with Brody, so we got to know then pretty well as well as later on, being the kids teacher. Great folks.
Thanks, Annie for the comment. Believe me, I have no idea what I would do without the Lord…..cannot imagine….

Love you. Barb

30 07 2008

Annie – What an uplifting PP this was. Your pastor and his wife sound like a couple out to make a difference in The kingdom. God is so good to us by setting us down in places where the spiritual leaders over us truly put God first. Their obedience to the Lord helps to shape and grow us in ways they can’t even begin to imagine. I was blessed to read this post today. Thanks.

In Christ – Melody

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