Down to the wire…

30 07 2008

Everyone knows that things are prices are pretty inflated right now.


Airline tickets. 


This month, we have $10 left until pay day.  That’s IT.  Kinda scary!  But here’s the way I like to look at it:  God provided and will continue to provide.  We are not in need.  We are not hungry or thirsty.  We have a good roof over our heads and plenty of clothes to choose from every morning.  Let’s face it.  We have nothing to complain about.

Next month, it doesn’t look any easier…  We have a rather large registration renewal to pay on our gas-guzzling truck.  Same truck needs a new 20″ tire (not cheap, apparently), as we’ve been riding on the spare for the past 3 months.  And now, Governor Schwarzenegger is threatening to cut my salary in exchange for $6.55/hour.

The cool thing is that each month, I worry a little bit about these things.  Things that, many times, are just lifestyle maintenance – and other times, real necessities.  And yet, my God has never let me down!  I am even able to give, when He calls me to, and we still make it.

Sometimes, He blows my mind.




5 responses

31 07 2008

I definitely now how you feel!
This is an expensive time of year…
It’s a great perspective you have though.

31 07 2008
Great-Granny Grandma

Know how that feels only too well, but God has provided in the most amazing and unexpected ways. He has never let me down.

31 07 2008
Kristin D

We are right there with you!

31 07 2008

So we’re not the only broke ones!

1 08 2008

We too are feeling the pinch. Happens every August and yet we still make it to the next month.
It reminds me of a song the kid’s choir sang in church:
Our God is a great, big God. Our God is a great, big God. Our God is a great, big God and He holds us in His hands. (cue 4 beat shoulder shake!)

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