I’m in the news!

3 08 2008

I don’t know why, but it’s always kind of cool to be in the paper…

I'm in the left-hand green hard hat.

We’re setting boom across the mouth of Bolinas Lagoon, in an attempt to save it from the effects of a future oil spill. There was a really strong current there, though. I felt like I’d played tug-of-war for a couple of days, after this. The community was really interested in what we were doing and, in fact, thanked us on several occasions for the event. This Lagoon is worth protecting, as it provides habitat for many shorebirds and seal haul-outs.

Anyway, I know it’s just the back of me, but I was excited to make it to the front page! Had to share.




9 responses

3 08 2008

That is so cool!

Your work seems like an amazing thing, it’s really interesting to read about what you do.

3 08 2008

I knew that green head was you right off! You were missing your safety orange/yellow gear! You are so blessed to be doing a job you love and are passionate about! Great stuff!

3 08 2008

I’m just wearing an inflatable PFD.
Less restrictive.
Everyone who didn’t have one, wished they did. It was hot!

4 08 2008

Annie – Woo hoo, front page! 🙂 Very cool. Your job sounds incredible and exciting. So tangible… get in there and know, see the fruits of your labor on many levels. A blessing indeed. What a neat pic. I bet I’d enjoy getting a Starbucks and just sitting and listening to you share about what the Lord is doing in your life, including your work. Thanks for putting this up.
Oh, I will also keep praying for you and your family about the home God is preparing for you right now. Btw, I think it is awesome how right in your prayer request you specifically mention being open to His will, however it goes down.

Blessings – Melody

4 08 2008

I do have a pretty cool job. God knew that I would need that in order to be content as a mom with a career (which I never thought I’d be)!

Thanks, Melody, for the prayers. We have an interesting possibility coming up in a few months.

4 08 2008
Emily Nease

did you get your name in the paper?

4 08 2008

No name.

4 08 2008
Emily Nease

you’re still a hero!

6 08 2008

sweet PFD!
very deadliest catch of you! 🙂

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