9 08 2008

Last night, months of planning, emailing, and sending money back and forth in anticipation of a really fun Girls’ Night Out played out with perfection.

I and my daughter met up with Stephanie and her daughter for some school clothes shopping.  I’m not one of those women who loves to shop; in fact, I avoid the mall at all costs.  BUT, I do love to find treasures in the clearance racks and go home knowing that I haven’t spent much more than I would have buying second-hand.  Believe me, I can do that! So, we had a nice time, shopping some of the department stores that provide a wealth of such racks, and I think we did pretty well.

After shopping and coffee at Seattle’s Best, we headed into the city to meet up with 10 other gals for Chinese food.  Mmmmm – yummy Chinese food!  Orange-peel shrimp, garlic noodles, spicy green beans, coconut curry vegies (can you guess where we ate?)…

From there, we walked to the Music Circus for some entertainment!

We met up with another 8 group-members and enjoyed a “loverly” performance.

Our final destination was Rick’s Dessert Diner.  Oh my cheesecake!  Yummy goodness with coffee.  A perfect ending to a wonderful evening.

But not quite.

We came around the corner to where we’d parked the truck and found it with the front passenger-side window busted out. My daughter became hysterical, and I felt sick to my stomach. We had commented as we parked that this particular block was very dark. We’d also noted a shifty fellow walking by as we got out of the vehicle. I didn’t expect this to happen, though. Unbelievably, all I can tell that was taken was the little change drawer from the dash. My work cell was in there and my husband’s NASCAR medallion. Both replaceable. The amazing part is that this scoundrel reached right over my PURSE to take the change drawer out! See, all I took into the diner with me was my wallet. (I won’t make that mistake again!) And there my purse sat with a checkbook and my digital camera inside, untouched. THANK YOU, LORD!

I am extremely grateful to the friends who stuck around, called the police for me, and took my child home (so she didn’t have to sit on a seat full of glass).  This was not a fun ending to the night, but it could have been a lot worse.  God was looking out for us.

I’m off to file that online police report, call my insurance, and clean out the truck…   I hope you’re doing something more fun than I am today!




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9 08 2008
Emily Nease

well it sounded like you gals had a great night! except for the car break in part. i’m glad you all were safe!

9 08 2008

That sounds like a fun night, (PF Changs?) up until the broken in car! I’m sorry that happened, that is so scary!

9 08 2008

Oh, Salami! I wish you would have called (on C’s phone!) I could have stuck around and let those other gals get up the mountain. I am so sorry that happened.
But you were right. The evening was just loverly! Thanks for helping to make it happen. call me if you need anything…so scary… Thank you, Jesus.
He is good all the time!

9 08 2008

Hey, good news! The medallion was in another compartment. I know you’ll all be relieved to hear that. ha ha

Right now, I’m really bummin’ that we have a $500 copay on our auto insurance.

10 08 2008

I’m a clearance-rack shopper, myself. I just have trouble not buying the gems that I find there, even if I don’t need them. It sounds like a really great time before the broken glass. It is really great to have God watching out for you though! I’m glad that you were at least with a group, making the situation a little safer.

11 08 2008

Annie – I am so sorry to hear about the car being broken into at the close of such a “loverly” evening (love “Eliza Doolittle”). I am sure it didn’t feel too good at the time, but isn’t God great to us? The way everything that touches us has to pass through Him first. You and your daughter not getting hurt. Being with a group of folks and not on your own. Your vehicle not getting stolen. Purse that was right there, not getting snatched. I think that was one of the neatest points in your post. It was like the guys eyes were just supernaturally blinded to the fact that your purse and checkbook were right in front of him on the seat. Cool.
As far as the $500 copay you now need for the insurance company… I’ll be praying over that part, too. I am sure that must be a not-to-pleasant feeling. Especially when saving to buy/move into a new home. I’m asking the Lord to provide for your family and lead you all right were He has for you to be.
Btw, you sure seem to be workin’ hard to keep an overall good attitude and spirit about this whole thing. That can really be a challenge, but it is so pleasing to the Lord. I was very encouraged by that, so thank you.

Prayers – Melody

11 08 2008

Annie.. I agree so much with our friend, Melody. Praise the Lord for His protection, and for your great attitude. Hope Ryvre is feeling better. That is very scary. Glad for you to have such great friends and a good time beofre that though.

Love you, Barb

11 08 2008

Thanks for all the kind comments.

I was corrected by my caseworker at the insurance company that it was an ASHTRAY that was taken! That’s not a “change drawer???” ha ha! Shows what I know.

12 08 2008
Great-Granny Grandma

Sounds like a great day until you headed back to your truck. Sorry it had to end that way. But on the other hand, what a testimony that only the ashtray and its contents got taken.

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