15 08 2008

Friday is here, and the first (half) week of school is coming to a close.

Ryvre started Middle School this week, which in our district, begins with…



I am SO EXCITED about this year.  I have HUGE expectations.  I cannot wait to witness DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENTS over last year (which was the worst school year we’ve been through with our child).  Wanna know why? 




I am thrilled at the idea of being able to email Mr. Scott my questions and ideas throughout the year.  This is her first teacher to be tech savvy.  And it doesn’t stop there…  He has an entire webpage set up – just for his class!  It includes all of those documents we had to sign after the first day of school.  It has a calendar of the whole school year, including what they will be studying and when.  It has WEEKLY calendars of all their assignments and projects that are due. 

I am in heaven!

It will be so much easier to keep up with my daughter’s academics this time around.  Praise the Lord for Mr. Scott and 6th Grade!

And praise Him for Fridays, too; I’m exhausted.




2 responses

15 08 2008

That is so cool!

I’ve heard the parents around here talking about getting e mails from their teachers, that is such a good way to keep the communication open.

16 08 2008

hurray for teachers who make life easy!

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