Positive Post Tuesday – Aunt Debbie

19 08 2008

It seems like I’ve always had to travel some distance to see grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins… My husband, on the other hand, is fortunate to have many relatives close by. I’d be a little jealous if I didn’t feel like his family is also mine. I probably feel that way because they treat me that way, and I love them for that!

Ok, current and past A-towners, where was this one taken?

Aunt Debbie is one of those people we are blessed to spend lots of time with. Not just because Ry keeps landing himself in the hospital (which is where she works)… She is at every family birthday party, dance recital, and holiday get-together. You’ll quite often find her playing with our youngest family members. Didn’t take long for her to win them over! We’re always happy to see her face.

(Wouldn’t you be? I mean, is that a friendly face, or what?)

Aunt Debbie is not only beautiful on the outside, but she is full of compassion, generosity, and hospitality. This woman goes out of her way for others and is always looking out for everyone. When I lost Cedar, she came by the house and brought me the sweetest book, written by a veterinarian who shares his stories by writing letters to cats that passed away.

I thought that was such a nice gift!

Today, I want to build you up, Aunt Debbie. If you read this, I hope you know how much you are appreciated and loved. I am so blessed by you and your example and have appreciated your thoughtfulness and advice over the years. Know that I am thinking of and praying for you today! I love you.

I hope I can be as good an aunt to my nieces and nephews as she is to hers.

God bless.




4 responses

19 08 2008

Sweetpea’s… yeah!!

19 08 2008

You are good, Brody!

19 08 2008

I haven’t been there in SO long…You are making me miss my old auburn food haunts – Taco Tree, Sum’s, Twin Dragon, Cafe D, and those yummy breakfast joints! You never realize how much you appreciate Flour Garden and Hilda’s until you come to a town of 75,000 with no bakeries!

I am so glad you (and Ry) have Aunt Debbie. And I can tell instantly which side of the family she gets her beautiful smile from! I pray she is blessed and built up by you today!

19 08 2008

Brody beat me to it….
Glad you have your Aunt….not everyone can say that…You are blessed.


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