Bad car luck…

20 08 2008

Last night, Ry and I were up late watching gymnastics, when we heard a terrible sound outside.  We got up to find this:

Annie's crunched car.

Annie's crunched car.



Might be totaled; what do you think?  Fourteen year old VW with 168K…

Our neighbor’s truck apparently decided to roll down his driveway and smash my front end on its way down the hill!  All he ended up with is a minor dent.

Oh, the joys of owning vehicles.




6 responses

20 08 2008

Oh no Annie. This is nuts! I would have thought you were pullin’ my chain were it not for the pictures posted. Well, I will be adding your mooshed car situation to my prayer list. Hang in there.

Prayers – Melody

21 08 2008


Man, you have been having some luck with the cars, haven’t you? That is so random. I’m so sorry for your car!

Brody and I had a streak for awhile where things kept happening to our car, out of our control. Got hit while parked in a parking lot, popped tire on an sharp piece of metal sticking out of the side walk….

21 08 2008

That car is almost like a family member. It hurts to look at it!
But here’s a thought…maybe if it gets totaled and has to go away you can tell Mal that the Jetta went to be with Cedar…maybe he’ll start getting the idea!
or NOT…
He is my sweetie boy… Love you ALL LOTS, MOM

23 08 2008

unfortunately it doesn’t look totaled but maybe you should push the truck back up the hill and try it again… 🙂

25 08 2008

It WAS totaled. Now, I’m in the market for a used commuter… The sooner the better!

4 01 2009
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[…] bummer is that I think my “new” VW is totaled.  It’s sort of like de ja vu, no?  And I really liked this […]

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