Coastal Weekend Bliss!

22 08 2008

Today, we are driving HERE:

Any West-Coasters recognize this?

My mom is showing her art this weekend.  She and my Dad rented a house big enough to sleep themselves, plus my family, plus my brother’s family.  How could we pass that up?

Doubtful I’ll be blogging for a few days.  Too many other fun things to do and see!

How are you spending YOUR weekend?  Do tell.




5 responses

22 08 2008

Looks fabulous Annie. Have fun and I’m praying for safety and health and joy for all on your trip.

Blessings – Melody

22 08 2008

not sure….my guesses are Carmel and Point Reyes….that straight part is the kicker! COuld be monterey-ish, but the photo is tricky so I am not committing to anything. Have a great time!

22 08 2008

oh, I forgot the 2nd part of your question. We are going to CalExpo tomorrow to meet mom&andre at the State Fair. It was my mom’s bday wednesday and Ken’s is sunday. It’s a yearly tradition we have. Girls can’t wait. Funnel cake and a free tree from the Dept. of forestry is in my future!

22 08 2008

K I don’t recognize it by the picture, but have fun, it sounds great!

22 08 2008

Ok, it is kind of tricky…

Bodega Bay!

We’re going to this:

Mom’s got an art booth.

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