Eat your vegies!

27 08 2008

I am sitting here (in my fresh, clean, NON-SMELLY jeans), getting ready for a meeting with industry, and I have this wonderful peach sitting next to my oatmeal.  I think I will incorporate that peach into breakfast this morning.  A friend bought it for me yesterday, when we walked 6 blocks to the Farmers’ Market. 


Fremont Park, Sacramento

Fremont Park, Sacramento


Farmer’s Markets impress me!  They had fruits and vegetables for $1 per pound!  Really good stuff, too.

I know it’s late in the season (this particular Market runs through 10/28), but I have decided that I am going to try to start eating local as much as I can.  Have you heard the term, “locavore?”  My first step was buying eggs from my coworker who has chickens!  Step Two will be to buy as much as I can from the Farmers’ Market and less from the grocery store.  Not only do I save money (in most cases), but these farmers have much better produce, anyway!

I know this is nothing new, but it’s something I haven’t taken very seriously until now.  For the next two months, I am committed.

Do you shop the Farmers’ Markets in your area?  Why or why not?  I want to hear your thoughts.




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27 08 2008
Great-Granny Grandma

Lucky you! I would love to buy from my local farmer’s market, but this summer I have been on an austerity budget and their produce is quite a bit more expensive than the supermarket or Costco (Price Club), so I’ve not been able to take advantage.

27 08 2008

I don’t shop them as much anymore as the city shut down the one market I was consistantly at (it was part of an evening kinda like Cruise night in auburn that was drawing the “wrong crowd” so they scrapped the whole thing including the farmer’s market portion for 1 whole year!) But there is something to eating locally. living in the central valley has given me many more options and all at crazy good prices. And i know that my food hasn’t been on a truck for 2 days to get to me. Better for my family, my pocketbook and the environment! Are they still holding that market below the courthouse on saturday mornings? Colfax had one Wednesday nights…

27 08 2008

Yes, Steph, they are. And that one is year-round. Maybe I’ll try to start getting myself out of bed in time to hit it on Saturdays during Sacramento’s off-season. It’s just very convenient to hit Fremont from my office on a break!

The Colfax one is May through October, also. I’ve never been to that one. Is it good?

27 08 2008

I’m going to the market next week!! I look forward to getting some fresh produce. . .thanks for sharing Annie!!!1

27 08 2008

I love farmers markets. They just started one (super small, 4 booths) in my little town. I keep missing it, I think they do it every other Sunday.

27 08 2008

RE: Colfax – I remember about 4-8 booths on the street in front of the movie theatre. Olive oil to fruit/veg. I haven’t been since we moved here though. Maybe you can bring one of those collapsable coolers to work once a week and fill it w/ yummy goodness and take it home to Atown if Satruday before noon isn’t as convenient. Good luck!

27 08 2008

Love the farmer’s market. Great product, great price, great “feel.” I love supporting local families and keeping more dollars in our commuity. Which in turn, promotes healthy growth and more stable local economics. This all trickles down into our churches, schools, and other small businesses. It is a wonderful win/win. Plus, it helps myself and my children be more aware of the process of farming, work/labor, creation, and how Our Lord is master of all of that! We have/make fun times, neat chats, and sweet memories with it all. Good for you Annie! 🙂

28 08 2008

Mike and I have gone to the “Courthouse” one several times. We love it. there is nothing like fresh eggs and fresh produce.

Love. Barb

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